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Log off event winner! Screen

By MudkipPiratez

MudkipPiratez Level 240 Scania Angelic Buster 4 See what games, anime & art MudkipPiratez is intoMudkipPiratez
Jun 16 2010 I was logging off to get items for my new guy when this happened!

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Lol, I got this once can you still get it ?
Sep 29 2010
Bah, I won that thing twice but I never get a Maple Life.

You can close maplestory, open it again and log out and 3 different items will pop up. (credits to the person who made that thread o_o)
Sep 30 2010
be1116 Level 200 Windia Wind Archer 4
i got it too but different prizes!
Sep 30 2010
cavalier889 Level 71 Broa Battle Mage 2
I got chosen twice my bro got chosen 3 times. I usually get this when I don't play for a while.[/quote]

me too, I didn't play for about a month and got this
Sep 30 2010
ThaChampion Level 203 Windia Shadower
Thought this happened to umm.. inactive players. This happened to me 3 times on my chief bandit within the first month i came back
Jan 30 2011
Oswook Level 206 Broa Kaiser 4
I'm more interested in that smega.
Nov 04 2012
I got lucky like about 8 times and i always get hair coupons.
Jun 09 2013

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