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Lol, funny fight at my school D

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enver90 Level 187 Windia Angelic Buster 4
-Not the full thing i with i had the rest on video, the ending was the best cuz sum1 else poped in and beat up the guy in the grey so badly

-well, i posted this to get views... title is so u guys click it... my view count just went from 54 to now 110 in less than 30seconds

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KevinKiri Level 132 Khaini Paladin
All these morons just standing there and filming this nonsense...this is what society, or at least America, has been reduced to.
May 07 2013
illkoyou Level 171 Scania Aran 4
What kind of loser puts up 2 scrawny morons "fighting" and proceeds to put it on youtube?

Seriously, nothing about this was funny. Grow up.
May 07 2013
pr3stig3 Level 129 Bera Bow Master
Yeah... watching two girls fight isn't very fun.

Seriously, scrawny hipsters in skinny jeans want to act tough now? Go back to sipping on your coffee little boys.
May 07 2013
MyKarma Level 99 Broa Mercedes 3
What I'm more surprised about is how everyone was filming the fight instead of breaking it up. Modern day society in a nutshell.
May 07 2013
cchpm Level 205 Broa Night Lord
People used to step in & stop the fight ...
May 07 2013
alex1234181 Level 202 Galicia Cannoneer 4
i woulda kicked both there asses, then proceeded to kick my own ass. just to show how tough i am
May 07 2013
WOW what a good fight sike! lol
May 07 2013
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