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orenreaver Level 121 Reboot Aran 4
Hey everyone just posting to see if anyone in the reboot server wanted to wants to add each other to our friends list? I know I personally could use the help bossing and what not and it'd be nice to play with people more often. If you want to I am currently on my character CecilReaver.
Posted: July 2016 Permalink


cautiouskine Level 206 Reboot Paladin
I'm happy to add you or vice versa. My ign is Parailels. I'll be on a little later and I can help you out with any in-game stuff
Jul 03 2016
orenreaver Level 121 Reboot Aran 4
cool =)
Jul 03 2016
enlock Level 145 Reboot Evan 10th Growth
feel free to add me aswell! my ign is Vrael (the l is an i) i just got off for the night but ill be on tomorrow!
Jul 03 2016
helquin Level 120 Scania Shade 4
I'd like to boss with someone else every now and then, add me if you want. My IGN is Sacrosanity.
Jul 03 2016
demonslayer Level 153 Reboot Kanna 4
IGN: PetaL ^>^
Jul 03 2016

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