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Lotus kill [Bera] Screen

By klytta

klytta Level 215 Bera Blade Master AUniversityO Guild
Jul 21 2015 Bera's first lotus kill. I believe it is also the fastest run in GMS thus far. ^^ I managed to get 1 Lotus shard and 1 grade S core. The SS was taken a bit after the official death.

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NinjaOfTennis Level 220 Bellocan Evan 10th Growth Revenance Guild See what games, anime & art NinjaOfTennis is intoNinjaOfTennis
Congrats! Do this daily for the Magnificent Lotus soul please [/quote]

Unfortunately you can only clear it weekly -_-
Jul 23 2015
Klytta Level 215 Bera Blade Master AUniversityO Guild
Yay to 9 more weeks until it's possible to get a lotus soul...
Jul 23 2015

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