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Lv130 Bowmaster Papulatus Solo [Mardia] Video

By SpecialEdward

SpecialEdward Level 208 Mardia Angelic Buster 4
Feb 12 2011 I'm back! (Curse that Hanbok glitch! I missed 9 days of Maple ;__

So I took people's advice about soloing Pap. As a celebration of reaching Lv 13X, I decided to do another Pap solo video.
(My 1st Pap solo took me around 17 min[video was sped up 4X]. This one took me around 7 minutes[video was sped up 2X].
To me, that's a big improvement!


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Nice video. Can I ask you what level is your SE, Bow Expert, and Hurricane?
Feb 15 2011

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