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Mages arent cheap to fund

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daringwaffle Level 207 Khaini Night Walker 4
Hey i just wanted to point out a fact that apparently a LOT of people have missed about mage classes..

Everyone just assumes mages are ridiculously cheap to fund, because %int gear is really cheap.
Well you are wrong. Mages are probably one of the more expensive classes to fund legitamitely(as in not with the 40k hacked ele staffs)
Think about it, sure %int is cheap to buy, but how often do you find decent mage gear? Im talking 20 m atk shield with like 12%int+ and %int eqps?
Mages are pretty much forced to cube and scroll all their own stuff, because of the rarity of it.

Im not trying to QQ or whine or anything, obviously its my own choice if i want to fund a mage, so i must accept the cost. It just bothers me when people are like " WOWWW your SOO NEWB MAGES ARE SO EASY TO FUND SO CHEAP NEWB!" and so on, being entirely ignorant of the costs

lets just say you could buy 12% luk top/bottom for about 1.5b ea. thats about 30k nx, if we use the rat eof 1:50 thats like 30cubes/ or only like 15 super cubes.
we all know it takes a LOT of cubes to get to unique/legendary and +the right stats.

Granted you can buy %int ears, and face/eye accessories for cheaper, and i guess czak if you choose it over empress.

Moral of the story; Dont hate on mages for being an easy class to fund, cuz they arent!

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I totally agree I rarely find good %INT equips...
Feb 15 2012
True I guess It's hard to find equips for them. But at least their kinda cheap?
Feb 15 2012
One word. AMEN.
Feb 15 2012
daringwaffle Level 207 Khaini Night Walker 4
True I guess It's hard to find equips for them. But at least their kinda cheap?[/quote]

yes, if you could find %int gear, mages would be cheaper, but then again nowthat i think about it.. cant say its much more expensive than like archer classes for eqps or pirates. only cuz we all use overalls, but then again, its near impossible to get 32m atk gloves, and we can forget about high m atk shoes like VSS

but buying %int gear like 18% ears is much cheaper than % anything else when u find it ^_^
Feb 15 2012
It's not that they aren't easy to fund. It's that they don't need much funding to be decent. I/L's and F/P's have pretty nice mobbing with minimal funding. Bishops? Great mobbing, not as great as the others, but supports make up for it. Evans? Amazing survivability. BaMs? Auras?
Feb 15 2012
pandabearg7 Level 162 Yellonde Night Lord
Meh, cheaper then most of the other classes imo.
Feb 15 2012
UNfazed Level 211 Reboot Night Lord
% equips that aren't earrings or sneakers are indeed rare. But no big deal. Everyone else uses weapon attack, so of COURSE only 1 in 5 of those shields will be scrolled for magic attack.
Feb 15 2012
@pandabearg7 Unless you don't do a lot of upgrading, cubbing ur own stuffs are a pain to do >< and QQ no 27 atk shoes nor gm scrolled empress glove >< I wonder why we even have the lowest weapon multiplier. .
Feb 15 2012
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