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Mages how do you feel about the balance

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Mages how do you feel about the balance

31%6 / 19Its nesscarry and it balances the classes
63%12 / 19Its unnesscarry and it doesnt balance the classes
5%1 / 19I have another solution to balance classes
0%0 / 19I dont play Maplestory anymore


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ddmagnus Level 100 Bera Citizen
I lose 7.5% of my DPS... only on bosses and anything else with 50% reduction. This would barely affect me. I would get a huge damage increase on everything else.

Math: 0.55*1.70 = 0.935

0.55 is 50% reduction plus 10% ignore
1.70x on final damage

And Ender is even more of an end because now those stacks of numbers show anywhere! Instead of 125 on orange mushrooms : 3

edit: if for some reason final damage is multiplicative (no idea why it would be), 0.55*1.3*1.4 = 1.001[/quote]

Can you elaborate on the math.
Sep 03 2015
aznanimality Level 204 Khaini Blade Master
Just for reference, this is a massive change.
Paladins use to have ignore elemental resistance then they removed it.
How many paladins do you see walking around now
Sep 03 2015
jerry5000 Level 216 Renegades F/P Arch Mage
I don't see anything about kanna lol. But luminous with the ender and pdr buff nerf. It seems Kannas are fine.[/quote]

ofc kanna/hayato not in kms anyways, so kms has no right to change/revamp kanna/hayato.
if any we will always get the revamp from jms untill kms adds sengoku class.


this is a whole new different situation, if taht 50% dmg isnt finnal dmg with removing elemental ignore, surely there wont be any mages left besides kanna/bishop.
but it turns out that nexon isnt that stupid afterall.
Sep 03 2015
evalithia Level 213 Scania Luminous 4 See what games, anime & art evalithia is intoEvalithia
@ddmagnus: Most bosses have 50% element reduction. Currently, stuff like ele reset and arcane pitch ignore 100% of that, so the reduction means nothing. If you were to not cast these skills, you'll do half damage on bosses (plus any reductions from pdr). After the change, all ele reset skills are 10% effective, so you'll do 55% damage, since you ignore 10% of the boss's 50% reduction. But all of the ele reset skills now have final damage boosts passively added to it. Final damage means this boost is added at the very end of all other damage calculations, so it's far more powerful than Total Damage.

For I/L, F/P mages, you get a 50% final damage boost with your 10% elemental resist ignore, so the math there would be 0.55*1.5 = 0.825 damage on monsters with 50% elemental resistance. This is a 17.5% loss in damage from what you currently have.

For Lumi, apparently along with the final damage boost on the ele reset skill, another skill also gives a final damage boost. I'm not sure whether it's additive or multiplicative, but I'm guessing it's most likely additive. If it's additive, Lumi loses 7.5% damage (0.55*1.70 = 0.935). If it's multiplicative, Lumi gains 0.1% damage (0.55*1.3*1.4 = 1.001).

And of course, on anything without elemental resistance of any sort, all mages will be doing significantly higher damage.
Sep 03 2015
jerry5000 Level 216 Renegades F/P Arch Mage
And of course, on anything without elemental resistance of any sort, all mages will be doing significantly higher damage.[/quote]

this is exactly wut elemental mages need, ppl who dont play elemental mages dont know the struggle of doing dojo b4 this dojo revamp.
Sep 03 2015
ddmagnus Level 100 Bera Citizen

Ty, I understand it a lot better now.
Sep 03 2015
srurtuphr Level 218 Scania I/L Arch Mage See what games, anime & art srurtuphr is intoSrurtuphr
It's a freakin' video game.[/quote]

I think you need anger management, my friend.
Sep 03 2015
xgrip2k5 Level 201 Demethos F/P Arch Mage
ill take that normal mob dog increase lol I'm not sure about the must hit monster before mist takes effect....dont like that...and poison durations decrease across the board? hmmm
Sep 03 2015
littletlk Level 201 Broa Beginner

I wasn't really angry in that post. I'm just blunt.
I think it's silly that you'd think casting time would be affected by weapon speed because it's too far-fetched, but you'll totally buy the fact that magic is even a thing.

As for the logical reasons why I'd want it to be like that, it's because of consistency. Mages should have to deal with weapon speed like everyone else. That was the original point of the wand/staff split.
Sep 03 2015
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