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Make Your Mains 5th Job Skills

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hirrho Level 177 Scania Hayato 4 Revive Guild
Let's asume that you get 5th job at level 180 and that you recive 5 SP upon each level up after level 200.
For bonus points, make your main's Hyper skills.
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For Phantom: Something related to a spinning move like Xenon's Blade Dancing...that seems fun...and a better attacking Mille failed so bad...
Apr 15 2013
super ultimate transformation - explains itself
Apr 15 2013
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
Demonic Slash: does 7 hits of 500% with 100% critical chance, ignores all of enemys pdr, also does extra 50% dmg on bosses
(the speed at faster 2 is 630 ms per cast) force consumed 10

yay, OP in my imagination xD
Apr 15 2013
Sous Level 155 Galicia Aran 4
Nuke -1 hit kills every monster in the game. GG
Apr 15 2013
[url=]Some high-end kick/punch combo for Buccs, similar to the first one in the video. We rely on that spirit too much >.<[/url]
Apr 15 2013
xkillo32 Level 166 Windia Blade Master
im wondering if i should redownload elsword
Apr 15 2013
AkGold Level 178 Scania Shadower
Dual blades can summon Nyan cat and Nyan cat will do 6969% damage 420 times and the cooldown is 90.01 seconds
Apr 15 2013
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