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Feeling Level 250 Bera Aran 4
Hey everyone,
I've been chosen to represent Arans in the MLC. As such, I'd like to hear thoughts and concerns from the community about our class.
What are your major concerns? What issues should I bring up? Are you satisfied with the direction Nexon is taking our class?
These are the types of questions I want to ask and bring up within the council.

In light of the recent KMS update, are you satisfied with the changes? Were you hoping for anything else, or something entirely different?
Please let me know your thoughts and opinions, everybody's is important, and it's my job to make sure we're heard and listened to.

The most sought after change seems to be the re-addition of the OS+FB+BB combo, and I completely agree, with some beneficial changes.
Chaining multiple attacks together was the original allure of our class, and it should stay that way.
The entire OSFBBB combo should not be mandatory--we should still be able to use FB+BB when we want--but changes should be made to encourage using the full combo. Perhaps whenever the full combo is used, it would have higher damage, more lines, faster attacking speed, etc, as well as having the option to break the chain with Combat Step or Final Charge at any moment, similar to Shade's Backstep. I believe this would resurface the original concept of our class, while not penalizing us at end-game bosses.

Snow Charge's new buff to bosses is quite useless, since basically all bosses that matter are strong to ice. A change should be made so that this effect is applied to ice-resistant bosses, perhaps by removing the ice charge from the buff itself.

Combo Drain should be readjusted as well. The new 2% is pretty awful. It doesn't need to be as high as the current 20%, but 2% is quite low--it should be buffed to 5%, like @Rokani: suggested.

About Combo Unlimited's usefulness- with Tempest not being usable consecutively, Combo Unlimited is pretty useless, aside from saving you a couple combos here and there. It does offer 10% extra damage, but this hardly makes up for the change. Some other type of buff or mechanic should be added to this hyper, any suggestions?

For Tempest- I think the nerf was unneeded. Ever since Aran was released, we have always been a class for mobbing. Because of this, we were never great bossers, and we still aren't, even after the KMS buff. With the nerf to Tempest, we're now mediocre bossers and hardly average mobbers--jack of all trades, master of none. Tempest is a great skill, and with the current combo stacking system, I think it's quite balanced. We get 30 seconds of amazing mobbing with Combo Unlimited, with a 60 second cooldown to balance everything out. I think the current system with Tempest / CU is the last thing standing that makes us outstanding mobbers--what we were meant to be--and I think we should push to have it stay this way.
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Javirocks Level 200 Kradia Aran 4
@Feeling I see... Well congrats first of all on becoming the representative of Arans. As everyone is saying here, our biggest problem right now is Tempest and it's either they bring it back to it's original state or they replace it with something else that is as powerful. Also, this may not affect us gameplay wise but I'm pretty sure most of us are waiting on our retouched storyline and "reboot" I guess is what you would call it?
Jul 13 2015
mla123 Level 202 Renegades Night Lord
Congrats, I thought you would be the representative for us. I agree with linking OSFBBB because it's what made me want to make the class when it came out, and why leave it like that in the beginner quest if you can't do it in game. Along with combo drain, shade's is 1% and that really doesn't heal hardly anything and 2% won't make much of a difference, so maybe instead of 20% of damage it could be changed to 10% or 5% dmg since the hp% heals aren't very good at all. Combo Unlimited should give us something better just like you said, maybe something to help with bossing. The nerfs to our mobbing is going to make us a more balanced sort of class instead of one that is known for mobbing and decent bossing. The nerf to the damage on FB and BB seem to be just a tad too much. But everything else seems to help a bit more
Jul 21 2015
etuin Level 173 Broa Aran 4
My input is under the assumption that GMS isn't willing to do anything but number tweak and doesn't want to have to implement new mechanics. Mobs hit **has** to stay at 8, and I'd argue if they choose to keep Tempest nerf it should be upped to 10. The fact that the Final Blow change increases number of lines is great, but numerically it does slightly less damage than the current one. Comboless Final Blow will do 1800% rather than 1900%. It should be 320% per hit, not 300. Commandless should be 400% at the least, if not 410. If they do listen to us and don't nerf Tempest, I'd still like to see the command removed. As a controller user (60% Keyboard life) I can't tell you how many times I proc Tempest instead of FC or FB (MS does not accept the keymappings I bind my controller to, so I can't use the D-Pad for movement). Overswing is outshined by just mashing FB already, not to mention FBBB. If they choose to let us chain OS in to FB again, I think OS should be able to chain in to BB. Even if it doesn't outdps FBBB theres no harm in having the combo there. Is allowing us to combo as simple as reducing the delay after the last hit? If so theres no reason we shouldn't get OSFBBB back. Last on my list is drain. IMO drain is a part of our identity and is always one of the advantages of aran when people are trying to decide what character to make. Making it so much less effective takes away part of our uniqueness. As many others have said, 5% max HP would be much better as 2% will basically help me stay topped off at SH and that's it.
Aug 01 2015
peekemans Level 153 Elnido Aran 4
Isn't final charge supposed to have 100% knockback rate? It takes way too long right now to line up a group of monsters together.
Aug 19 2015
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