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MapleStory 2 New Mushroom Screen

By SpadeStyle

SpadeStyle Level 215 Khaini Evan 10th Growth
Dec 04 2013 Omg! A PAN LID! *hyperventilates*
I remember when these were considered "pro" to own. Good time

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dakbal Level 187 Windia Phantom 4
i want ramen now
Dec 05 2013
Wolfss Level 220 Broa Buccaneer
+1 What does that mean? Man up. Raise the panlid? Man Up with the panlid?

I can only transliterate Korean...I don't know what it means lol...Although the name for panlid seems shortened because in the game the panlid is named naembi ttukkeong in ss's I am assuming naemttu is the abbrev they use for panlid...and ramyeon = ramen hence the naruto for blush? What does it say D: Help me learn how to read that :O
Dec 05 2013
haloplyr Level 158 Windia Marksman
I bet you has to pay to play for maplestory 2 I just hope the origional remains to be played
Dec 19 2013

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