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MapleStory Dark Knight (SimbaBad) Pre-Big Bang Video

By ThaSavoury

ThaSavoury Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
Nov 27 2010 This is my first Maple video of me training at Chief Oblivion Guards I hope you guys like my damage as I don't really have that good of %equips yet. Also you can loll at the parts where I have fail jumping skills
I mainly made this video to test how long it would take to upload. If all is well I will definitely start making more videos. Thanks

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I like the music wasnt overdone. Good quality. Makes me wanna lvl up my spearman
Nov 29 2010
not too bad control.... why not use the 2600 pots in CBD to maintain zerk? afterall you get hit 25xx at times so your being more effective per hour by 2 hit killing almost 100% of the time but then i do understand if its more expensive =P
Nov 29 2010
damage seems decent, control is pretty good too and it looks like you have enough fun with your character and in the long run thats all that really matters, good job (;
Nov 30 2010
Dude you made a video? Make one of my paladin lol
Nov 30 2010
If you have serk 30 you should be able to serk there with reindeer milk
Nov 30 2010
shud try zerking w/ meltin cheeses
that what i use to perma zerk
Nov 30 2010
Nvm, saw a bad zerk hit. Anyway, i've seen people zerk with roots, but i dont understand it, and i have 19k hp at my lvl...
Nov 30 2010

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