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Maplestory - Lv. 212 Nightlord Daily Bos Video

By paullee112895

paullee112895 Level 176 Windia Battle Mage 4
Feb 18 2017 Hey Guys. Was bored and decided to make a bossing video for you guys. These are basically the bosses I do on a daily. It was real late when I recorded each clip. Prob not gonna do this again for a while
Range: For those of you who are super curious as to what my range is. it's
1.9m buffed.

World: Broa for the wind bby (Maybe Windia too )

Drop Gear: I was wearing 80% drop gear so my range was a bit worse.

Total Bonus DR would be 174%. Here is the break down
80% Drop Gear
60% familiar
20% Showdown (NL Skill + Hyper)
14% IA (Inner Ability)

Songs Used:
1) Made in Heights - Forgiveness
2) Ivan B - Sweaters
3) Black Tiger Sex Machine - Destroy It (Urban Contact Remix)

Shout out to Broa Guild "Contend": Best guild in the world XDXDXD

P.S. Sorry for the terrible quality! Rendered this in 1080p but youtube always screws up my quality. IDK why

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