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Maplestory Riddles V3

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Alright I've gotten requests to bring riddles back. I'll make 18 and see how it goes.
  • Message me if you solved it first and you want your name taken off *
Hey guys here are just some general maplestory riddles that I've come up with. Answers are found on the pages given.
Best of luck to you guys, I'll switch up the difficulties every now and then.

Unsolved Riddles

Riddle 18
What my name is, my contents contradict.
I also have a sort of wormhole effect.

Solved Riddles

Riddle 1 (answer on page 1)
Let's start it off easy..
Hint 1 : Completely stripped the only way you could recognize me would be by my markings.
[i]Solved by saioshi[/i]

Riddle 2 (answer on page 2)
A little bit harder..
Hint 1 : You feed me over and over hoping for something good.
Hint 2 : I may be your biggest burden or your biggest fortune.
[i]Solved by Roflcopter123[/i]

Riddle 3 (answer on page 5)
Lets step it up.
Hint 1 : Though I have a chance, I am seen as incapable of doing things that others of my kind are capable of.
Hint 2 : Power is my reason.
Hint 3 : Popularity has led me to be seen as normal.

[i]Unbelievably, solved by fireathos ... man this is a smart batch[/i]

Riddle 4 (answer on page 9)
This is pre big bang.
I think this is hard.. but riddle 3 was solved like nothing.. so I don't know anymore.
Hint 1 : More rooms, more me
Hint 2 : More me, more exp.
Hint 3 : I am only accessible to some, not all.
[i]Solved by TraceO[/i]

Riddle 5 (answer on page 28)
I am blue but not sad.
I am of the lowest tier.
As weak as I am, I am still not needed by one.
[i]Solved by ZephyrZz[/i]

Riddle 6 (answer on page 39)
Walk forward and you will drop down.
Keep going and you will be at the top.
Keep going some more and you are back where you started.
Watch your step, or else you'll take a little bit of damage.
Infamous is what I am, but where am I?

This is in fact *a place/map*
[i]Solved by kalboi[/i]

Riddle 7 - (answer on page 42)
I brought the ability to steal.
I used to come out of the skies but the only way to see me now is on youtube.
[i]Solved by OcygnuswalkO[/i]

Riddle 8(answer on page 43)
Some pocket change will do the trick
However, the more you drop the more you get.
[i]Solved by koopa2488[/i]

Riddle 9 (This riddle is so bad I just put answer on page 60, sorry)
I am the weakest of my kind.
I can offer almost everything that others of my kind can.
Maybe its just the third word that makes me worthless..

Hint 1: It is an item.
Hint 2: Beige, Brown and Blue

Riddle 10(answer on page 63)
Skill, ring, and everybody.
Yellow to pink.
[i]solved by Zheakk[/i]

Riddle 11(answered on page 75)
I bring 2x without events or coupons
I guess you could say I have no life
As black as a silhouette, I am.
But as the clock ticks so does the hourglass of my lifespan
[i]solved by sleepingdark[/i]

Riddle 12 (answer on page 83)
When I was visible I was ignored.
Now that I am invisible I am almost a necessity.
No matter how high your damage is, I could always add a hit or 2.
[i]solved by manpreet007[/i]

Riddle 13(answer on page 89)
I share the complexion of a maple leaf.
Inferior to all of my category.
I guess you can say I'm very classy.
Held by one and all at the same time.
For a small period of time am I a good choice,
But after a while I become a toy.
[i]solved by Zheak[/i]

Riddle 14 (answer on page 90)
Once a formidable foe, I am now being sit on.
Potentials have made me inferior but not completely obsolete.
  • better riddles when I come back from school*
[i]solved by Ibaran[/i]

Riddle 15(answer on page 92)
Before, if you were down, I will be here.
Now you just have to keep it up for me to appear.
No matter when I'm there, I'll keep you strong.
How strong I am, is determined by your luck.
[i]solved by luke 149[/i]

Riddle 16(answer on page 96)
A group exclusive to one, I am.
Looked down upon to most
The one we base our group upon is now a laughing stock.
[i]solved by darren64[/i]

Riddle 17 (answer on page 94)
When it comes to annually I supply around 10 thousand.
I can replicate an effect of a level up.
[i]solved by LeechForYew[/i]

Special Riddle 1 -(answer on page 36!)
This one is very hard.
Since I don't get to go on that often for weekdays this should leave you guys thinking till next weekend hahaha. If you guys get this within the next 30 minutes.. I will cry.

Hint 1 : Special is what I am refereed to as.
Hint 2 : Weaker than normal is what I am generally viewed as.
Hint 3 : Same in appearance to that of normal, I am.

What am I?
[i]Solved by arynae. Well done![/i]

Special Riddle 2 (answer on page 58!)
Inferior before Big Bang, completely obsolete after it.
Experience has replaced the only thing I was able to do.
What am I?

[i]Solved by fireathos[/i]

Special Riddle 3 - (Answer on page 70!)
More than standard but less than 9.
To say bye bye to my bind
Use a tool that is not the safety kind.
One on the left and one on the right.
15 attack possible on each to make them feel the might.
[i]Solved by tonytony40[/i]

Special Riddle 4 (Answer on page 79!)
1 to 20 / 20 to 1
Frozen to normal/normal to frozen
All in an instant.
[i]solved by tonytony40[/i]

Special Riddle 5 (answer on page 87)
-Pre Big Bang
Part 1 :
Used by 1
My style brings power to one and weakness to the other.
3 times for strength and 1 for weakness.

Part 2 :
Used by 2
My style brings power to one and weakness to the other.
1 time for strength and 3 for weakness.

Hint : To find the answer look at the tip very carefully.
[i]solved by tonytony40[/i]

Special Riddle 6(answer on page 88!)
Though cut down, I remain alive.
I am the reason that some fail and some thrive.
The chance to be known, I give to you.
For most, the key to me starts with red and blue.
[i]solved by rhenXD[/i]
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