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Marksman or Wind Archer post 5th job update?

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electric Level 31 Zenith Mechanic 2
Hi all.
Who do you think is the better bosser post 5th job update between MM and WA? WA 5th skill seems strong and also procs trifling wind and storm bringer. But with no damage cap, I'm thinking MM might still be stronger than WA because of the higher final damage skills. I enjoy both classes, so any inputs are welcome. Thanks
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vietua Level 210 Scania Beast Tamer Cat See what games, anime & art vietua is intoVietUA
+1 Objectively speaking, Marksmen are better overall because % damage and utility. You'll find that Wind Archers, once you start high-damage bossing really only have puppet, which half the time fails because the bosses have multi-target skills.

Subjectively, Wind Archers just because Marksmen bore me to death. And they're pretty. Real pretty.
Sep 01 2016
okaythen Level 125 Windia Buccaneer
^^ I agree with above.
Marksmen are more reliable and have more range too.
Also, trifling wind often fails if the bosses goes invincible for a split second, which can really affect your damage.

Marksman hasn't been fun for me ever since they added the no cd snipe hyper...
But since you enjoy both classes, you might as well go marksman.
You will get more out of them.
Sep 02 2016

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