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Massive Cpu spike anyone?

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chucknoris35 Level 91 Broa Phantom 3
Hey guys, I don't know if this is just me but when I logged into maple tonight, it is literally taking up 100% of my cpu. Without it running it will be a clear 0-1% but on launch it spikes to max.

Is anyone else having this issue tonight?
Posted: November 2014 Permalink


KyleHeII007 Level 250 Windia Night Lord
I feel as if maple is constantly defending and upgrading their hack detection defences without patches that theyre so overpowering that they take up an immense amount of memory in the process
Nov 11 2014
chucknoris35 Level 91 Broa Phantom 3
That's what I was thinking too. Interesting.
Nov 11 2014
GlitchOnMyLvl Level 40 Scania Assassin
It def has to be MS guys.
Nov 11 2014
chucknoris35 Level 91 Broa Phantom 3
Yeah it's only maple taking it up. I mean, my processor isn't anything special, like my computer is pretty old but this has never happened before. 4 gigs of RAM and an intell Pentium (R) CPU G620T @ 2.20GHz and maplestory taps it right out.
Nov 11 2014
diosoth Level 210 Bellocan Aran 4
I've had this very issue at random points since the past patch. It's probably due to server lag since it always starts when the game first loads. Exiting and restarting the game sometimes fixes it.

While I suspect it's due to lag, I didn't have to deal with this during 2X this weekend. Restarting the PC also doesn't do anything to "fix" it.
Nov 11 2014

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