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Max rolling spin or judgement?

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jasonmichael Level 138 Bera Bow Master
Should I max rolling spin or combo judgement? I feel like judgement helps me more with damage but a lot of old threads say RS for combo count.
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Kyrusious Level 212 Windia Aran 4
Depends on ur play style
Oct 25 2013
RS is the way to go, because Judgement is pretty slow (oh I rhymed c.
Judgement takes long enough to cast that a maxed out OS can easily do more damage, and the DoT isn't even too great, really.
Oct 25 2013
LoveDocABC Level 156 Broa Shadower
Both skills are useless, I left Judgement at 10 points for tempest, put remaining points the second job rush skills, brought booster up to 20 (1 point). Rolling spin is useless, and I have not been in a position where I don't have enough combos, they rack up really quick and don't disappear anymore.
Oct 25 2013
zpattack12 Level 208 Bera Zero Transcendent EvoLovE Guild
To be completely honest, I'm sure a lot of the people posting in this thread came from pre-revamp, and rolling spin was actually a viable 3rd job attacking move, and what I used in 3rd job. I haven't touched Judgement to this day, but you need to get it to lvl 10 for tempest.
@justsofly Well, I maxed toss because when I was training my aran, Toss was the best 4th job dps move, until 170, so I maxed it. At this point, I'd say its rather useless to max toss, so it probably is viable to max both judgement and spin because toss is very rarely going to be used.
Oct 25 2013
DemoDango Level 178 Khaini Hayato 4
There is no longer any reason to max Final Toss, so you should just leave that at whatever the junk sp number for 3rd job is now. Judgement and Spin both have their uses, however; Spin is useful for gaining combos on weaker mobs (so, for instance, if you're doing some stupid prequest way below your level, you can keep your combos at Tempest-spam levels for a longer period of time; definitely helped for the last fetch quests in Tynerium for me). Judgement gives decent DoT on top of its decent hit damage. No reason not to use it at times during boss fights. Similarly, if you get 1HKO'd at a boss such as Gollux and Recharge is on cooldown, you could use Rolling Spin to get enough combos to turn Drain back on.
Oct 26 2013
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