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Mech, sair, or AB?

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kuze Level 229 Broa Mechanic 4
Like title asks, What class is best at bossing, when hitting cap?
I currently have just under 500% transferable dex on my mech and was wondering if AB would out boss/DPS as a mech I currently hit currently 1.444b/s and I see top AB is 1.33.
SI know thats in best scenario, I know homing beacon is that great for bosses like cV.
Do AB have poor hit rate on cV, whats their dmg on seeker?
@ashleyattacked (only godly AB i know of)
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risingrain Level 36 Bellocan F/P Wizard
Stay with Mech. You'll have an easier time with most bosses (especially cV).
Also you won't be completely capping with AB with your stats, unless you plan to upgrade significantly further.
Feb 16 2016
reneton Level 221 Renegades Angelic Buster 4
Angelic Busters perform poorly at any boss with i-frames, which includes many of the important ones.
If DPS is what you seek, stay with Mech. Capping on an AB is harder than it should be, especially when considering the realistic output we can attain in bossing situations. I think you'd be capping SSE on Cvel with 25k dex, but not sure.

Oh, and Corsair definitely can't compare to Mech.
Feb 16 2016
chompromp Level 250 Bellocan Angelic Buster 4
@reneton: Most likely significantly more than 25k DEX, if you want to do it with self-buffs and no Noblesse.
For 70m SSE capping I estimate 95% PDR, 300% Boss, 10 star Tyrants, 70% ATT, and 27-28k DEX.
If you have 90% ATT then 25k seems like it's enough. It's much more once we get the 84m cap though.
Feb 16 2016

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