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Minecraft aran Screen

By dragonice1 AranMinecraft

Aug 22 2011 Took 2 hours to make, server wiped out, started over and finished in 3 hours. Plenty of mistakes, mostly single pixel differences. Sometimes I couldn't find the right shade for a certain place, and had to improvise. The glasses and hair pop out, because I wanted to put eyes behind the glasses.

Oh, and this is minecraft classic, the online version. I'm definitely going to buy the real version. This is in the Official Opticraft Dev Server, in the member world. Just turn right once you enter member world and go past a giant lupin, and you'll see it on the wall to your right.

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Holy crap that is cool
Aug 22 2011
Is this the new thing? Minecraft godzilla, to this? GREAT!
Aug 22 2011
holy macaroni thats unbelievable
Aug 22 2011
Did you use water for the eyes? :o[/quote]

No, I used blue colored wool for the eyes. But I used water for the glasses on top of those, giving it the translucent effect. I think it worked out perfectly, the only other material that would have worked is just glass, so only clear glasses or blue glasses can have that effect.

BTW: 1 pixel=1 block. Had to pay VERY close attention to specific shades of each pixel, especially on the wave of the PSB and on the hair.
Aug 22 2011

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