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Missile tank mech model (technic lego) Screen

By tobias

tobias Level 113 Scania Aran 3
Apr 01 2011 Here is my version of the mech missile tank.
It is way more complex then my first mech:
It took me about 4 1/2 hrs (and I already had the basic shape of the chasis, shoulders and back),
(I did make some minor changes to those as u probably noticed cause i was trying to keep as close the original as possible)

Also check out DKamui's lego mech:
And kukubandit's technic lego mech (missile tank):

I'd love to hear what u think!


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Make instructions and piece list. Pleaaaaaaaasssssse?
Apr 02 2011
imnicolle8D Level 147 Galicia Wind Archer 4
+1 My brother said it looks like a giant wheel chair.
Apr 02 2011
Why is their no little guy in the tank?
Apr 03 2011
tobias Level 113 Scania Aran 3
cause last time i put sum1 in, sum basiler didnt like it
Apr 03 2011
tenseiga1 Level 36 Windia Brawler
LF> 800 more likes
Apr 05 2011

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