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Most useless npc?

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Cooljax Level 191 Bellocan Evan 10th Growth
That Cody guy.
Feb 16 2011
Duey cause he's a quitter
Feb 16 2011
Probally the ones you cant click on 0-o
Feb 16 2011
Cheezzydude Level 143 Elnido Dark Knight
The NPC that lets you into the Omega Sector JQ.[/quote]

There's an Omega Sector JQ...?
Feb 16 2011
spleen107 Level 43 Scania Blade Acolyte
(town beside amherst on maple island) armor shop guy
Feb 16 2011
jimmix Level 154 Yellonde Jett 4
There's an Omega Sector JQ...?[/quote]

There's an Omega Sector...?

Anyway, the guy in Lith, his dialogue is like
"Who am I?

I'm about to beat the pulp outta him.
Feb 16 2011
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