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Multiple aura buffs Screen

By QuickBowmen

QuickBowmen Level 206 Windia Mercedes 4
Jan 27 2011 During ghost ship PQ, I was using 3 auras at once.
Small glitch. :o

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Before the Body booster glitch, I use an aura and body boost and then cc'ed. After I cc'ed, body boost was there while the aura was gone and after the body boost disappeared, I got all 3 advanced aura buffs (just the look on my character not the icons/effects).
Jan 29 2011
QuickBowmen Level 206 Windia Mercedes 4
I had all the stats from them. They way it happened was, the Bam died with the aura on me. When he left the map, the aura stayed.
I noticed that there can only be 2 kept permanently. The 3rd needs the Bam to use it regularly.
Jan 29 2011
shosen123 Level 135 Scania Corsair
hacks lmao[/quote]

go on gk and see for yourself.
Jan 29 2011

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