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My hermit's setup Screen

By twinkes3

twinkes3 Level 121 Nova Blade Recruit
Nov 26 2010 Since everybody else is doing it why not i haven't seen any hermit/NL setups with flash jump on "A" so i feel unique

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itDontMAtter Level 166 Broa Night Lord
Do you really need thief elixirs? I find them a waste.
Nov 26 2010
twinkes3 Level 121 Nova Blade Recruit
I have all my mobility skills such as FJ, Recoil, Soul Jump, etc. on A.[/quote]

LOL i do that on all my characters too

EDIT: Z is avenger 9 is haste+booster 0 is shadow partner+Self HB
Nov 26 2010
lol i have fj / recioul shot on ctrl and haste/ teleport on c.
Nov 26 2010
sethkenzo Level 70 Windia White Knight
my fj/recoil/combatstep/teleport and rush on page down button )
Nov 30 2010

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