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Mysterious MapleStory Room Video

By Erag0n1

Erag0n1 Level 211 Bera Evan 10th Growth
Apr 28 2012 I got to this with the use of my hyper tele rock (cant tele to that exact room). Too bad there isnt maple island on the list or something

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if someone hasnt logged in since before bigbang and they were last in a deleted map you could still get there
Apr 28 2012
achyif Level 172 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art achyif is intoachyif
What post #1 said. I don't care if you used a Hyper Tele rock this time or not, the only way to initially get there now is by hacking.[/quote]

how can you say that for sure?
Apr 28 2012
InfernoShadow Level 199 Broa Buccaneer
my friend got there through dying in alistar pq
not sure if by alistar or the demons that are in the portal in malady forest
Apr 28 2012
omgriceftw Level 177 Scania Kaiser 4
I got there when there was a gm event and Henesys was full. Then it teleported me there.
Apr 29 2012
jstn Level 165 Broa Evan 10th Growth
@Erag0n1: they mean that it isn't a hacked place and/or hack-generated map, but that it's only possible to get there with hacks now. i think.
May 01 2012

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