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Naritta Attempts Chaos Zakum Video

By Naritta

Naritta Level 210 Galicia Bishop
Sep 03 2012 First try!

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redsodjfie Level 180 Elnido Battle Mage 4
GOOD JOB! now pick up the leopard ticket piece DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Sep 03 2012
SacredSealed Level 191 Bera Shadower
I was like, so upset when you went at the arms.
Next time, stand all the way right and tele right when you take on the top right arms.
The first 3minutes were gruesome.
-teles up-
-falls down-
-teles up-
-falls down-
-teles up-
-falls down-
Sep 04 2012
Naritta Level 210 Galicia Bishop
Very nice solo. All I'd suggest is starting on the opposite side so you can hit the 4 bottom arms at once with ar :-D[/quote]

Huh, good to know, tys~
Sep 24 2012

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