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Need opinions on best thief class to make

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Hello Basil Community, I haven't made a thief since Pre-BB and now that I am playing again, I would like to know which would be the best thief class to make. I have my level 202 Evan, and it's my favorite, but i think its time to venture off and change classes.

I'm leaning towards making a Night Lord. What are you opinions from experience?
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awesomecake Level 141 Bellocan Night Lord
I had this problem as well, so I made a Night Lord, and I am loving it, even at only level 126. It takes a little perseverance, but I find it totally worth it.
Apr 22 2014
Serenoss Level 202 KradiaEMS Night Lord
I'm playing my Night Lord since 2009, whatever class I try I'm always ending up returning to my Night Lord.
You really should try to play one
Apr 22 2014
freezenlight Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
just go with nightlord, there the fastest training class, plus you can switch to shad and DB whenever you want.
Apr 22 2014
doomfire77 Level 200 Broa Blaze Wizard 4
dont make night lord wait for the night walker >
Apr 22 2014
brandonce Level 167 Scania Night Lord
dont make night lord wait for the night walker >[/quote]

Do NWs get 40% bonus exp with a mobbing skill?
Apr 22 2014
RestinRIP Level 167 Scania Xenon 4
Do NWs get 40% bonus exp with a mobbing skill?[/quote]

no but they basically get perma heal while attacking making training a lot easier when you dont have to pot up every hit
Apr 23 2014
Kiryuin Level 142 Khaini Wind Archer 4
nw is mainly 1v1 based while night lord is really great at both

but nw has a purple haunted theme if that makes a difference, which it does for me
Apr 23 2014
MileyTwerks69 Level 72 Renegades Cannoneer 3
yeah wait 6 months for nw even though you're making this thread now...
Apr 23 2014
Althazir Level 215 Bera Night Lord
The very first class I made was a Bandit, and that was back when KoC were released for the very first time. Through all of the classes and everything that's come out ever since, I've always found myself back on my shadower because I've had so much fun with it! I personally recommend shadowers. They have very versatile gameplay that I find a lot of fun. Like others said though, if you don't like it, there is the option to switch to either a DB or a NL whenever you want. If you decide to go the NW route, be warned that you are stuck as a NW.
Apr 23 2014
hams27 Level 176 Windia Night Walker 4
My first ever character made was a Night Walker. I loved it and also will. IT was the first character to ever hit 120 for me. Back before all of the changes happened. Ever since then I have played every Thief class that is out there. I really enjoy Dual Blades, Shadower, Night Lords, Phantoms, and Xenon (Even though I do not consider this a Thief sometimes....) The class that I enjoy the most out of them all is Phantoms and Dual Blades. Once the Night Walker revamp comes out, I will be going back to it and see how it is. So overall.... It all really depends on what you like. Everyone has different taste, likes, and etc.... So I guess try them all. Start out with an explore thief class then once you hit 100, you can start changing class.... But fair warning! Thief class does require LOTS of funding if you do choose to main it.... So make sure you have some money......... on hand, other wise. You would not be hitting super high. But i do suggest you to try them all and then at the end, choose what you like the best. Good Luck and Enjoy!
Apr 23 2014
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