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New dual race pq Screen

By battleox288

battleox288 Level 211 Scania Mechanic 4
Apr 22 2011 So far, i keep dcing mid way. You have to break the balloon in the middle. Only normal attacks work on the monsters.
Will find out reward and wat those buffs do soon.

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TheFurySin Level 81 Khaini Sniper
The reward was 20k EXP for me at level 199 and some Maple Leaves. The buffs contain one of the following; speed up, speed down, random bombs. Energy boosts boost up the battery you see. If you use a skill, the bar will go empty. The more the bar is filled, the more I don't remember.

It's pretty fun if you can control your jumping, since you will keep in the air. I'll see if I can bring up a video later.
Apr 23 2011
shadowkid21 Level 183 Scania Angelic Buster 4
This is an event PQ. The monsters drop items that'll help you out.
Apr 23 2011
Wow, Tespians are so amazing at leveling to 200 in a matter of minute(s)-hour(s)
Apr 23 2011
Lol ive tried this PQ and for me it was really really boring.
Apr 23 2011
leannesama Level 200 Scania Marksman
well yeah its cheap but some people like me who are in tespia actually go do the job advancements because you level so fast and dont do job advancements. you dont get enoguh sp to even finish 3rd job skills[/quote]

you can advance at lvl 120 and still get all your sps lolz
Apr 23 2011
wow i sent the exact same screen and yet mrbasil puts yours in the front page -_-[/quote]

He sent this in a whole day before you.

OT : Looks kind of lame. ;/ Well, I dunno, I'm not going to do this if the rewards/exp aren't good. Currently I'm not playing MapleStory right now, because personally it's not fun when I'm not a high level...and also ten levels before 4th. ;-;
Apr 23 2011

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