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New mage idea

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Regatzopunk Level 205 Broa Phantom 4
So we already have elemental mages, one that fights with dragon, a dark/light mage, 2 support (holy and japanese theme), a melee mage, and an upcoming animal companion type mage. so what would be a new idea for another mage?

I'm asking cause I'm making a new race and I can't think up on what the mage should be.
I have pirate-explosives, thief-illusions and chains, warrior-plasma sphere, and archer-ballista
What should I make mage to complement these ^
Posted: January 2014 Permalink


Mijael Level 208 Bera Dark Knight
pls Nexon do more non-warrior classes , i want to buy cheap warrior equips.
Jan 13 2014
BabanaBabana Level 120 Scania Hero
Earth Mage.
Jan 13 2014
XtraCannon Level 196 Kradia Cannoneer 4
A whole new class type.
Jan 13 2014
Quickjumper7 Level 23 Windia
A con artist magician.
Jan 13 2014
Well beast tamer is a mage and VERY strong. However, 5th job will be released in the update after You and I. There will be a lot of new skills then(;[/quote]


Jan 13 2014
mvietp09 Level 180 Bera Dark Knight
Earth / Wind Mage.
Jan 13 2014
AnthonysWill Level 62 Bellocan Blaze Wizard 1
a Water/Earth mage please
Jan 13 2014
Dual Mage a mage that carries 2 staffs insteaf of one , or a bishop like class that doesnt use a staff but instead a mystical book or aura
Jan 13 2014

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