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nickieg Level 31 Reboot Cannoneer 2
Hi guys,

So i started playing MapleStory again. I played like 6-7 years ago, and a lot has changed. I'm just looking for some tips to help me get started.

Like how can i earn myself some money
Good places to train
Best items i should start looking to buy

I made the class Cannonneer, and i'm currently lvl 31.

Hope you guys can help me out.

Posted: February 2017 Permalink
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beefly Level 122 Broa Corsair Justaway Guild Beefly
Idk if reboot has Tot, but if so get the pet when you're like lv45ish. You'll get more than 10mil by the time you're lv100 from grinding. Thing doesn't last long so make sure you aren't busy to take full advantage of it.
Feb 16 2017
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hunnibunnii Level 130 Reboot Demon Avenger 3
I also just joined Maple again after a seven year hiatus. I'm also on Reboot, joined last week. Level 131 Add me if you'd like as I don't know anyone anymore.
Feb 16 2017

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