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johnkimbaboh Level 209 Bera Shade 4
Release update, Maintenance for 1-20 hours, give everyone maplepoints and attendance stamp to compensate, Job done,

What they should be doing:
Bring back Tespia, Fix Glitches/Exploits, Release after patch was debugged
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xTagg Level 213 Mardia Aran 4
Pretty sure this is to fix glitches and exploits, so do us all a favor and stop making threads
Feb 12 2014
Kiryuin Level 142 Khaini Wind Archer 4
i've never gotten any sort of nx from a maintenance
Feb 12 2014
ProHealer Level 211 Khaini Bow Master
They actually fixed some glitches with the Masteria patch...
Feb 12 2014
rawritzcynthia Level 210 Bera Luminous 4
the reason why they stopped putting out tespia is because certain websites will create an update for their "extra tool" for ms before the update even comes out, nullifying any anti-tos breaking security updates nexon implements.
Feb 12 2014
Debugging is a lot of work yanoe. Most problems don't show up until the game goes live.

Tespia also sucks; not a lot of people are picked to go on. The people that DO get picked only play to look at the new content and not try to break the game, which is why they're picked in the first place. Not to mention the costs of having a separate server up. >.>
Feb 12 2014
AdvancedSoda Level 134 Broa Mechanic 1
Why do their maintenances have to be so long though? T_T
Feb 12 2014
rawritzcynthia Level 210 Bera Luminous 4
tespia is random lottery. a lot of people get picked. (a lot of people have more than 1 acct, thereby a higher chance of being picked)
Feb 12 2014
Unluckyish Level 200 Windia Paladin
What Compensation? And this maintenance is expected because like every other patch (with new content and events) come bugs and glitches and Nexon always performs a maintenance 2-4 hours after the new patch to fix these things. The only exception was the RED patch where they had to preform a maintenance everyday for the first week I beleive. For the reason of the RED patch probable being the second biggest patch after BIG BANG.
Feb 12 2014
MagicFrappe Level 89 Scania Angelic Buster 3
You forget that NO ONE actually tested things in Tespia. The majority of Tespia players just goofed around.
Do I even need to remind everyone of the sidekick system?
Feb 13 2014
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