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CrunchBars Level 200 Elnido Evan 10th Growth
Oct 24 2011 El Nido's latest joke attempt at Empress. We got the first five instructors down no problem, but after 15mins of getting beat down by Empress' tornadoes we sorta just gave up.
6man joke runs. Aria Alliance.

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wow 6 man empress run and you got to the empress without any problem nice work but seems shes way powerful
Oct 24 2011
cheese139 Level 200 Broa Buccaneer
"Cygnus considers Urugaramoth as the most threatening enemy. So she one hit KO's everyone on the screen."
Oct 25 2011
Pshh Jimmy isn't threatening
Oct 25 2011
Solox5 Level 161 Scania Buccaneer
You'll Soon Beat It..
Oct 25 2011
CrunchBars Level 200 Elnido Evan 10th Growth
@JimmyDaBess: We need a new Bishop, and more attackers, since Kevin and Keith are quitting/quit.
Oct 25 2011
xDead1y Level 182 Elnido Dark Knight
please get rid of the evan and put a higher atker not a weak even
OT; nice[/quote]

NO, First off he is not weak and Evan give a 15% ignore def buff and soul stone so you dont use as many wheels
Oct 25 2011

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