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Night Lords Mark on Gollux Crystal

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subzero212 Level 186 Scania Xenon 4
I'm not sure if its glitched or there were changes made but I find my Night Lord's Mark not hitting the gollux crystal. Is anyone else experiencing this or was it just a change to the skill?
Posted: June 2017 Permalink


powerguy121 Level 210 Scania Kanna 1 See what games, anime & art powerguy121 is intopowerguy121
It's been like that since the override patch. It's just visually not hitting.. You're not doing any less damage though
Jun 29 2017
subzero212 Level 186 Scania Xenon 4
No, the hits aren't registering for me. I have no burst on it
Jun 30 2017

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