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Nl youtubers?

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wasp3 Level 195 Windia Kaiser 4
Eh just type in "NLbossing" in youtube. You're bound to find at least one dedicated channel
Jun 08 2015
Versonex Level 189 Bera Dark Knight EvoLovE Guild
I watch Essentiate he's originally a Nl but went to Db just to do OZ,but he still has Nl videos.
Jun 08 2015
yobdm Level 140 Bera Night Walker 4
I've just started to upload videos on my nightwalker. I'm making the switch to become a dedicated MapleTuber, check me out at: YoBDM
Jun 08 2015
Graystoke Level 160 Scania Kanna 4
Vangoro is a like a gross baby
Jun 08 2015
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