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No! got the green dragon d= Screen

By EnvyMe

EnvyMe Level 203 Bellocan Paladin
Jul 08 2010 I spent over 40k nx on my dragon, and got it to lvl 15 and evolved it, BUT I GOT A GREEN DRAGON my least favorite of them all. Should I evolve it again?

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Does it honestly matter?
Aug 31 2010
Hahahaha *points at you and laughs* the green one looks funny
Aug 31 2010
EnvyMe Level 203 Bellocan Paladin
yes it does rice you nib. green one looks like a dum dum[/quote]

Lol you made me laugh you sound like a 8 year old, in a good way
Sep 07 2010
sirvesa Level 97 Windia Sniper
haha couldnt stop bumping
but that made me crack up
Oct 04 2011
And this kids, was a tutorial on how to stay a virgin forever
Aug 09 2012

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