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No link skills?

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vincerulez17 Level 201 Windia Blade Master
Why can't i place my link skills on my beginner(lvl 20)?
Posted: July 2013 Permalink


Safez Level 200 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art Safez is intoSafez
1. You can't have 2 of the same jobs linking 1 character.
2. You can't link a skill to 2 or more characters in the same world.
3. The linked character can be changed once a day.
4. A character can be linked by one or more classes that have a link skill.

Other than that, I am not sure why it would not work...
Maybe try leveling up, 30 is a preferred number by Nexon, and you could use some training anyways!
Jul 23 2013
FryDemCats Level 211 Khaini Dark Knight
Because Nexon hates Beginners. ;_;[/quote]

Its NoobPlayer(Mike)
Jul 23 2013
Alyssaur Level 130 Khaini Beginner
Link skills are dumb anyway...
Jul 26 2013

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