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Normal Pink Bean boss - Solomon 11

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jiang153 Level 189 Scania Shadower
I'm trying this on my Lv 167 Buccaneer but I can't even get past the first statue (solomon?)

This guy keeps reducing my hp/mp to 1 with freaking every single attack. I can't even get 3 attacks on it without getting reduced. Suggestions how you're supposed to do this?

On my Shadower I never get reduced.
Posted: July 2017 Permalink


jiang153 Level 189 Scania Shadower
@cris1000: I am repotting when I get hit except its annoying as hell because its basicly hit the statue once, pot and rinse and repeat.

Going to take a poopyload of pots then considering the two 1:1 statues has like four lives.

I try it tomorrow with the somersault trick I guess.
Jul 19 2017

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