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Numbfeet fights pianus Screen

By NumbFeet

NumbFeet Level 102 Scania Marauder
May 06 2011 I just had to draw Pinkie for once. I tried my best to fight back, but it couldn't be ignored anymore. This pony fad is getting way out of hand. Anyways...

I drew myself playing my character in a comic by myself. I am soooo self-centered. [Made in MS Paint]

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SnailTrail Level 36 Scania Blade Acolyte
Those eyes are haunting...

Also: whats up with the mlp craze today?
May 06 2011
0v3rH3aI Level 127 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
awesome as always!
May 06 2011
but now those bombs don't deal that much damage like BBB, but i wonder what would happen next, maybe bout the player and the char play maple? XD
May 06 2011
Jovial Level 100 Windia Paladin
I don't get the fad either :I
May 06 2011
Awesome, as always.

Also, Season 1 ends today. I'm sad.
May 06 2011

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