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Octopunch vs Hurricane vs Ishtar Ring vs Phantom Blow

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Blitzscll Level 151 Galicia Night Walker 4
Sooo sorry if this post was already made but i couldnt find one T_T (also for calling it octopunch =/ g@y @ss name). so i looked on hidden street at all these skills. and found out that at max these are the stats of the skills (meaning at 30 not 32)

Octopunch: MP Cost: 32, Number of Attacks: 8, Damage: 250%

Hurricane: MP Cost: 9, Damage: 250% per arrow

Ishtar Ring: Active Effect: MP Cost: 10, Damage: 110%, Number of Attacks: 2, Passive Effect: Stunning Strikes Damage: +25%.

Phantom Blow: MP Cost: 42, Number of Attacks: 6, Damage: 105%, Enemy DEF Ignored: 20%

And yes i have read that Octopunch is faster than hurricane but i wanted to know if any of you know for sure which is best, considering every character is of equal damage range ^^? basically better whos got better dpm if not tested yet.

BTW if you guys don't know already Octopunch is new name for Fist Enrage

Octopunch-Revamped Buccaneers

Hurricane-Bow Masters

Ishtar Ring-Mercedes

Phantom Blow-Dual Blades
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brainman28 Level 173 Windia Buccaneer
Can you provide casting delays? ( I think "Octopunch" is 900ms with no boosters ) but I'm not aware of PB's delay
Jul 06 2012
Powerbomb Level 148 Arcania I/L Arch Mage
I know Octopunch is supposed to keep up with Hurricane, but Eye of Ishtar is supposedly better (at max).
Jul 06 2012
I think Ishtars ring is better if you can hit 500k+ per arrow
Jul 06 2012
1. Ishar's ring
2. Octopunch
3. Phantom blow
4. Hurricane
Jul 06 2012
Tersera Level 121 Scania Cannoneer 3
Octopunch falls behind Hurricane with AFA by 100 hits per minute even with both Booster and Speed Infusion active.
Even with AFA's lower damage percentage, the higher number of hits make up for it.
Jul 06 2012
V2roler Level 211 KradiaEMS Bow Master
As for Hurricane:

Octo punch hits every 900 ms, but since you add booster + speed infusion you get 600 ms.
60/0.6 = 100 (suprise) times 8. Making up for 800 attacks per minute.
800/60 = 13.33 which is still lower then Hurricane + AFA (14.167 arrows/second)


They both hit 250% (level 30) but AFA deals only 210% DMG (level 30).
Because AFA makes up 5,834 arrows per second of that 14.167 arrows/second there is some change.

Octopunch hits clearly 3333% DMG per second (13.33 X 250%) at normal max level.
But Hurricane deals: ((8.33 X 250%) = 2083% + (5.834 X 210%( = 1225%) = 3263% DMG per second

As you can see Octopunch DOES makes up for more DMG at a certain (20K ae) range.

However since more and more people are getting better equips and quite the amount of people are hitting DMG cap these days there is another note.
Hurricane deals LESS DMG then Octopunch at the same (non DMG cap hitting) range.
But Hurricane WILL outdamage octopunch at DMG cap and even a bit earlier then that.

I did not look into every aspect of Buccs after the vamp so I am blindly (and most likely false) assume that Octopunch works on a clean range.
Thus... we need an 400K range to hit cap with octopunch. As a bucc you are now dealing the MAX dmg possible which is 13.33 Million per second.
Since Hurricane also deals 250% bowmaster would also need a 400K range to hit cap (completely false, but for the sake of explanation).
As for AFA that needs 476.190K to deal MAX dmg.
As stated somewhere above here Hurricane hits 14.167 arrows/second.

Concluding: any range up till 476.190K = Octopunch>Hurricane
Concluding: any range above 476.190K = Hurricane>Octopunch

Finally: A (sadly) large portion of the above is a bit false due Crit rate and stuff.
I even would go as far to say that Hurricane>Octopunch at a 300K range already.

I hope this helps you guys out!
Sorry for taking 15 minutes of your time to read the above =)
Jul 06 2012
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