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Omg Super Mesos Sacks

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Omg Super Mesos Sacks

8%4 / 48OMG!
79%38 / 48Who care?
12%6 / 48I haven't got NX QQ


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tomas1251 Level 140 Scania I/L Arch Mage
It appears you're another kid who finds it fun to gamble your parents money. They raised a good kid they should be proud[/quote]

It appears you're another kid who finds it fun to call to other "kids who gamble your parents money.".

I'm 24 years-old and I work my innocent kid.

@Kizo, then just 1 xD.
May 24 2012
iBlaster Level 200 Bera Xenon 4
you guys should watch this
before even considering buying this...[/quote]

[]Fixed the link[/url], and I watched it, pretty funny. x] Same amounts of money in the sacks as this time, and that guy wasted 28k of nx for like 59mil, that's like almost a 1:2 ratio. xD
May 24 2012
Hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art Hualicious is intoHualicious;amp;contentNo=00Dxd&pageIndex=1

Rare Meso Sack
Up to 54 million mesos! 1,000 NX
Epic Meso Sack
Up to 208 million mesos! 2,000 NX
Unique Meso Sack
**Up to 750 million mesos! 3,000 NX**

**300m avg for 3K NX?** [/quote]

Tomas I would have thought you were smarter than that lol...but to see you post about this OMG

**Edit:** it is waste of NX to spend it on the Meso Sacks. You should know this, anyway as other has stated they got a little amount of mesos from the sacks for wasting 9k NX (the people who bought 3 sacks).

Tomas you wanna try 10 sacks (30k NX) and see how lucky you are? I doubt you will get anything good, perhaps just over 100mil, if not below lol.
May 24 2012
tomas1251 Level 140 Scania I/L Arch Mage
@Hualicious, I just wanted to try my luck as at that time I bought 11 gachapons (4k NX) and I won the chair . u_u
May 24 2012
shot Level 192 Scania Corsair
Gachapon and these kind of items should have high probability of getting item/mesos worth at least amount you purchased.
It is completely scam now, even though players have choice to buy or not, considering this game is for young people.
It could give junk but should be in low rate, seriously, people are using real money for it.
I don't spend money on this game but it still bothers me.
May 24 2012
Bamaman96 Level 165 Yellonde Evan 10th Growth
Getting 750 mil is like getting 3 lined pot with 9% all stat on each line
May 24 2012
alexmjakway2 Level 210 Windia Evan 10th Growth
I tried two 3k ones with survey money when they were out before.
Best I got was 10m on one, 9m on the other.
May 24 2012
Junpei Level 91 Khaini Sniper
so can you get a random amount of mesos up to 750m?

even as low as 1 meso?
May 24 2012
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