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Opinions on Cussing

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upcomingnerd Level 102 Scania Beast Tamer Shared
Do you cuss? If so, where? Are you allowed to cuss at home? work? school? I grew up not cussing at home, so now when I go into other peoples homes, I refrain from cussing unless they cuss. Also I will not cuss around children.

I have a few friends who are parents now, and they cuss around their kids and are surprised when their 3 year old cusses.
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chopin Level 177 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art chopin is intoShinsuke
yes only when im not in a good mood and to myself

i did it once by mistake to my momma and she was angrily shocked at me
Dec 30 2016
beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
I usually curse under my breath, otherwise no. People kept telling me I don't look like the type to curse. My mom doesn't allow any cursing in the house, but we curse if we're seriously angry, stressed, or quoting someone. I had a friend who curses in every sentence, which I found immature, so that's also why I rarely curse IRL, but I will curse if I'm socially comfortable and everyone else is doing it as long as none of my family members are near.

I curse on the internet because everyone else does it, mainly in comments I put a lot of energy into (anger or excitement), or for shock responses.
Dec 30 2016
luckysausage Level 118 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art luckysausage is intoluckysausage
At home or around strangers never, but with friends from time to time.
Dec 30 2016
sezbeth Level 177 Galicia Demon Avenger 4
I speak like a saint by default, but like a sailor when frustrated enough (without regard to my surroundings). There really is no in between with me.
Dec 31 2016
modsaredumb Level 84 Khaini Dragon Knight See what games, anime & art modsaredumb is intoModsAreDumb
I used to be quite the angel. Nowadays I try to be as polite as I used to be but it seems to be impossible with the people I work with.
Dec 31 2016
2005chuy Level 192 Scania Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art 2005chuy is into2005chuy
It's part of my dialect or whatever. I refrain myself from swearing in front of kids if I realize they're there, but it's first nature to me
Jan 01 2017
greatbolshy Level 210 Bera Blade Master
i never cuss or act hoodrat around oldies. i know a bunch of random old people and talk to them a lot. they all think i'm a saint. they say stuff like "you're one of the only good kids around anymore." the second they step outa the room things go south real quick. i go from good christian boy to the youtube tourettes guy on a bad day
Jan 01 2017
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