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Title says all:

Stats: VIP Gun 208 atk twice hammered

20% boss, 20% boss (neb)
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Anthorix Level 201 Windia Mechanic 4
4-6 bil?

Tradeable without NX

Windian Opinion
Dec 05 2013
erm. Yeah, it's tradeable without NX. Should I switch to faf, then?
Dec 05 2013
Ipodninja Level 193 Khaini Wind Archer 4
No. Live the VIP life.<3 Mines 207 att
Dec 05 2013
haha really? cool! I picked this one up for 2.5b in the fm, so I thought it was a pretty good deal. As for funding, all of my stuff is on my xenon, and I'm not in a hurry to resell or trade for dex% (also, most is untradeable). Given my current condition (max 3b in pure mesos after selling 1-2 polearms), what would you suggest I do with this corsair to max damage? I have this gun, nova belt/cape, and tyrant belt/cape (for 150), abs ring, evos, clean racc mask (haven't cubed), clean emp overall, etc. (above average but still pretty bad pirate equips). Thanks!
Dec 05 2013
Ipodninja Level 193 Khaini Wind Archer 4
Well, the empress set+Alien equipment (especially dat double pendant slot) adds up tons of attack+Boss damage. I just got full empress with 12+ att and with 6-12% dex on each piece. I have roughly a 100k range. I think thats pretty good o-o. I'm not shooting for That 10 second CHTP run or anything. But if you plan on spending all the monies, go tyrant or nova, empress is the cheap alternative.
Dec 05 2013
ah, ok. and by alien equipment, I'm not sure what you mean, could you clarify? haha, I see, I'll think about what to do with the rest. And CforCorsair, if you want the gun, how much would you pay for it?
Dec 05 2013
Anthorix Level 201 Windia Mechanic 4
The Alien Fragment Set can be obtained with farming for many hours/ much luck.

Required lvl 200

Dimensional Mirror-> Alien Visitor Quest

1-4 ppl

Very good loot.
Dec 05 2013
2.5b for that? Damn that was a good deal.[/quote]

Hm. I don't know though, since RED came out, if I should innocence and use red scrolls. I'm REALLY borderline on that, since this is quite a well scrolled gun, but I can't really say. Also, the pot on it is quite terrible, only boss % and not even that much. Should I recube?

And lastly, what should I be doing in RED then, if I don't scroll my gun? Like things to buy with red coins... I'm really unclear on what to do to max my range.
Dec 09 2013
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