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P/c on wolf Underling?

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InterAcid Level 179 Bera Paladin
How much is a wolf Underling? (Gives 2x drop rate, VERY RARE CARD)
Posted: December 2014 Permalink


Seatillite Level 202 Broa Bow Master
Yo, InterAcid, you make great threads and I'ma let you finish and all...but where does one even GET wolf underling familiars
Dec 12 2014
ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
Only marvel i think
Dec 12 2014
InterAcid Level 179 Bera Paladin
Yup, Card Packs. I unfortunately sold mine for 4.44B in Bera a few days ago, never knew it was 10B... Started playing after 1 year (it was 2.5-3B when i was playing( lol.

Got Another one though, bought it for 2.1B a year ago when u get Card Packs in Hot time. Gona sell this one for 10B. Thanks guys.
Dec 12 2014
Remerge Level 203 Windia Night Lord
you can also get it if youre an aran. i think theres a quest where you fight that mob and it has a small chance of dropping
Dec 12 2014

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