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Party Shield? LMAO

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beefly Level 210 Windia Battle Mage 4 Justaway Guild Beefly
So what enemies laugh at our Party Shield and deal flat damage to us anyways?

Because one day I summoned an Elite Boss and I was like "pls nu I just want to train" and it was the warrior dude so I was like being a coward and trying to poke him with BKB every once in awhile. I thought I could use Party Shield and be all safe n sound u kno what im sayin? So, I place Party Shield and the dude just stands there and LAUGHS for like 20 seconds. He teleports behind me and said "nothin personnel kid" and then kills me. WHAT. I WAS LAGGING TOO OK? STUPID SHIELD!

Of course, I know 1HKO moves would hit regardless, (though I think they deal reduced damage?)

Nowadays I pretty much only use Party Shield on old bosses and to brb in training areas where there's no resting platform. I need to know when, where, and on who can I rely Party Shield on?
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vivabasura Level 230 Windia Battle Mage 4 Basura
use it on arkarium to laugh at him, i think only bishops and bams can laugh at arkarium
other than that its not very useful since we move a lot, i use shield mostly to protect party members (very useful at empress and crimson queen)
Jan 26 2017
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beefly Level 210 Windia Battle Mage 4 Justaway Guild Beefly
@vivabasura: BTW what did you add points on your passive hyper skills? I thought it kept going after lv200 but I've heard it ended at 200.

I was thinking of adding points for all auras as I do aura swap between dark and weakening, and then keep the ult cooldown and get Enhance party shield (the 10% max hp one)

But I'm not too sure about blue aura, it only works on pt members right? I don't plan on soloing bosses, but I am by myself for now until I feel like I'm funded enough to help out in bosses. Maybe I should get pt shield persist instead of blue aura?
Jan 27 2017
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vivabasura Level 230 Windia Battle Mage 4 Basura
@beefly: i chose dark genesis cooldown cutter and reinforce, dark aura, weakening aura and party shield persist, i think party shield persist is better than dispel, dispel doesnt work with many things nowadays (though now that you mentioned it im starting to think it might be very useful at magnus and cpb)
Jan 27 2017

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