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People you trust without question

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Sephie Level 200 Broa Paladin
How many people do you know that you, without any doubt or worry, would lend your equips/money to? (no siblings or real-life friends)

I can say with confidence that I have around 12+ people that I could have them hold 20bil+ worth of items (or some arbitrary number of wealth) and have it returned to me without question (mainly because I have done this before with these people).

But I ask this because I hear a lot of sad stories of friendships that lasted years only for it to be sahttered by something as petty as a weapon or a pair of shoes. I hear about friends who rent their equips to their guildies only for those guildies to quit the guild and run off (even worse, if it's a Leader/Jr and they kick the person out). I hear about people who have lent each other equips for a long time without any worries... but just one day, after you lent your equips, you see them later being sold in a mushy or a peculiar smega pops up...

So I'd like your input Basil. Alternatively, you can share some of your fortunate/unfortunate experiences with the trust you have had with your friends.
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People you trust without question

28%211 / 737I trust no one.
63%466 / 737I trust 1-5 people.
4%33 / 737I trust 6-10 people.
3%27 / 737I trust more than 10 people.


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JVIaplevoyager Level 211 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
None lol. And smart people would trust no one in a game.
Mar 01 2012
Nobody, as previously stated.
Mar 01 2012
1 person whenever i need equips transfered i would run to him to help me and vise versa
Mar 01 2012
I trust my friends in real life with maple stuff...cuz I know if they steal something I can just go and beat em up.
Mar 01 2012
Not counting family and friends in real life, then 2. Me and my buds have known each other for 5 yrs and they're good people. Other than the occasional message to get my rear back on Maple every now and then so that we can catch up, they don't really ask me for much and that's pretty cool of them.
Mar 01 2012
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