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Pink Bean Solo

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First Bishop in GMS to record a [url=]Pink Bean Solo[/url]! (41 min)

Josh, Jon or Huy or another Beran Bishop: someone told me that a Beran named Healynz or something already solo'd it, could you confirm for me? XD

Anyway, this is the uncut version, I'll cut it down later and try to upload it on basil too, but for now the important times are in the description on the youtube page

For those who are too lazy to go there: 19:57 is like the only time I hit cap on Heaven's Door haha. I kill ariel at around 28:00.
I had 35k Hp (used +4k hp health potion) and 100% status resistance (used 30% status resistance potion)
Posted: April 2013 Permalink


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games500 Level 148 Windia Wind Archer 4
Apr 05 2013
Koncept Level 53 Windia Fighter
holy hell ._.

Apr 05 2013
JustAnotherUser Level 200 Khaini Bishop
As expected of Nate, Congratz!
Apr 05 2013
congrats! i thought pb was holy resistant though...
Apr 05 2013
nc4228 Level 205 Kradia Bishop
PB is holy strong, not resistant. Ariel (the statue above him) is holy immune which was why @omnipotarc had to use teleport mastery and energy bolt on her
Apr 05 2013
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