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Pink Beans Movie Script

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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
Anyone found out what the 3 quests are belonging to Upcoming film 1 en Upcoming film 2 ?
I have not yet ?
Update: I found the following on Reddit, i tried the Allcure potion part, but at the merchants i tried this (KFC and leafre i didnt work)
Pink Bean Movie Script Secret Missions
The following are what the secret missions were for the secret missions on the pink bean movie script in kms.
Your name is obviously wrong in GMS since we do not have lie detectors, so if anyone knows what that was changed to please let me know!

--- Secret Missions for Pink Bean ---
Human Loving Prince: Sell and then buy back an All Cure
I Like Rainy Days: Clear Chapter 1 of Dimensional Library
Precious Things Can't Be Seen: Wear Cracked Glasses (Do ludi PQ)
Your Name: go to the Spiruna( OrbisCloud Park IV) house and click the npc "?" I clicked her twice
Bitter Taste of Failure: Fail a Polo & Fritto mission
You Upset the Hungry Pink Bean: Be kicked from a party

Update: Thanks you /u/Eunwoly for figuring out Your Name.
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