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iLhuy Level 31 Bera Assassin
Jul 15 2011 Hi everyone, this is my first screen on basil it was done in Paint Tool SAI, hope you like it!

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slientcena Level 165 Zenith Night Lord
Thats really good I love the style
Jul 15 2011
Good job

Although the rose is glossy?[/quote]

Was just about to post about the rose. It looks so shiny!

OT: I love the style. Amazing job.
Jul 15 2011
I saw the word "Pirate" and already fell in love.
I adore this picture! Draw more pirates please.
Jul 15 2011
Is the pirate hat fer real? Or did you just made it up?
Jul 15 2011
ToastyPop Level 171 Bera Corsair
So amazing
I love that hat. Is it real?
Jul 15 2011
really really really good c:
Jul 15 2011

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