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I just came back to maplestory for nostagic feels this summer and I want to be updated on the economy.
Last time I played seriously was a little bit pre big bang, a few months after aran and evan.
So I have a few general question.
When I quit, rich was a few hundred mils, what is considered rich now?
What is the equivalent item of the old 9-11atk wg and 60% GFAs?
What do people spend the most money on?

Thanks guys!
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AirSlicer30 Level 145 Khaini Bow Master
Not much nostalgia left sadly. Economy is now rich if you have tens-hundreds of billion mesos. Workgloves and gfa scrolls are gone now. People just use the higher level gloves dropped by bosses now that start with attack.

I have no idea what people spend their money on, as I barely play this game as is. Not much to come back for honestly, at least in Khaini. (Which I can see you are in Bera).

Good luck, but dont anticipate sticking around long.
Apr 28 2014

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