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Oct 17 2011 Hey guise. A drawing of the awesome leader of Skittle: Plushys. KIMI. I hope you like it. Drawn on Paint Tool SAI. No tablet. (: Skittle. Skitltle. Skittle. Hope you guys like it.

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omg... that is amazing! can u draw my main?
Oct 17 2011
Is she popular because she's pink or is she just popular for being puppyular either way vote pink
Oct 17 2011
Kimi is amazing leader .. ~Skittle~ FTW
Oct 17 2011
Wow you really draw this without using a tablet?
Oct 17 2011
nice picture plushy ^^
skittles is slowly taking over the world..
Oct 17 2011
AlwaysTrying Level 200 Khaini Battle Mage 4
idk why but this kinda reminds me of SNSD or some other korean pop singer >____>
Oct 17 2011

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