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Question on High Value Item trade

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tgamej Level 209 Scania Night Lord
Seems the inflation has kept going up tenfold since last year I played, however I've decided to get some upgrade on the comeback. There's plenty of items on the market however the problems are the prices, I kept seeing quotes as "30bil/100bil or even 250 bucks" I wonder what is the proper secure way to trade without getting scammed?
Posted: January 2017 Permalink


irlesley Level 200 Mardia Buccaneer
+1 idk wat to say but ur character is very beautiful
Jan 17 2017
tgamej Level 209 Scania Night Lord
Thanks for the compliment(I had more on now but can't update pictures), so I guess collateral is still being used as for now. I'm just worried about the ones that demands pure mesos.
Jan 18 2017
saitama Level 170 Bera Luminous 4 See what games, anime & art saitama is intoSaitama
@tgamej: I guess your best bet is to ask for vouchers in that case
Jan 18 2017
vicetone Level 210 Scania Zero Transcendent
Take each others items as collateral, and return the items as you pay off the price you were suppose to. Or just pay through items of value and in demand along with mesos. People like to use stuff like no booms because theyre always in demand and stable in price for the most part
Jan 18 2017
tgamej Level 209 Scania Night Lord
Thanks all for the suggestions for the collateral methods, but can any one elaborate more on the vouchers part?
Jan 19 2017
barakmalianker Level 207 Scania Wind Archer 4
i suggest u to only sell inside guild/friends/friends of friends so someone can vouch ur buyer.
anyoway even if u dont get voucher u can ask for items like css/no boom with stable price + mesos(this is my way)
Jan 25 2017

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