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Re-roll or keep?

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tiguier Level 121 Bera Buccaneer
I'm my eternal search for atk speed +1 legendary inner ability line I stumbled upon +40 int on 1st line. I decided to re-roll that and got 18% drop rate now. I feel as I will never get this again but... +1 atk speed tho. Is it even worth it anymore? what do you guys say, keep or re-roll.
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intensity Level 120 Scania Mihile 1
I say keep.
Dec 25 2015
markred626 Level 233 Broa Demon Avenger 4
then again all that is just rng he could get the 1atk speed with 30k like me with or do those 2m honor points and never get it
Dec 25 2015
locust Level 202 Windia Bishop Locust Guild
IK the feeling. I was trying for att speed this morning but got 20%boss. This allows me to cap on cvel now but +1att speed though D:
Dec 25 2015
tiguier Level 121 Bera Buccaneer
ARE YOU SRS? f7 decided to re-roll 5 times and got 19% drop rate now. Does atk speed up even exist in the game? omg.
Dec 28 2015
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